Paper rosette and snowflake wreath


We are looking ahead to the holidays! This paper rosette and snowflake wreath can stay put through January and maybe even February. As long as there is the possibility of snow, I think DIY snowflake wreaths are great for decorating around the house.

Smoothfoam Snowburst wreath


6″ Smoothfoam disc
16 Sticky Sticks
Die-cut paper snowflakes:  fourteen 1-3/4″, seven 2-1/2″, one 4″
Folded paper rosettes:  one 5-1/2″, eight 2-1/2″
12″ x 12″ winter-themed cardstock
Blue inkpad and cosmetic wedge sponge
Mica Snow glitter
Paper cutter, scissors, pencil
Decoupage medium, craft glue
water bucket, paper towels, paper plate, sponge brush


1.  Cut 3/4″ strips of cardstock to fit the front and back of each stick, leaving the adhesive area of each stick uncovered. Adhere the strips to the sticks with decoupage medium. If desired, trim the ends of the covered sticks to a soft point with scissors.

cover Smoothfoam disc with paper

3.  Trace around the Smoothfoam disc twice on the back of a sheet of cardstock. Cut out the circles and glue one to each side of the disc. Cut 1″ strips of cardstock and glue around the sides of the disc.

4.  Shade the edges of disc and the sticks using the wedge sponge and inkpad.

5.  Space the sticks evenly around the top of the disc and mark the positions with a pencil. Remove the release paper from each stick and adhere it into position. The adhesive is permanent, but if you make a mistake, lift the stick off the disc as carefully as possible and reposition with a little glue if needed.

6.  Assemble the folded paper rosettes (there are lots of tutorials online) and glue into position on the sticks as shown.

7.  Add glitter to the snowflakes with some glue and allow to dry. Then glue the snowflakes to the DIY snowflake wreath as shown.


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