Painting and shading a gingerbread man – Christmas in July


I had so much fun painting and shading my gingerbread man to make him look like a real cookie…and in just a few short months he’ll be serving up lots of treats!

Gingerbread man made with Smoothfoam by Marilyn Gossett


Thankful for the warm summer day, I enjoyed creating this gingerbread man centerpiece – it will be perfect on a large tray of Christmas cookies. It’s Christmas in July here on the Smoothfoam blog…we’re giving you a little peek into the holiday that will be upon us before we know it!



Smoothfoam discs: two 6″, one 8″
Smoothfoam 2″ ball
Acrylic paints:  light brown, dark brown, ivory, black, brownish red, green
Paintbrushes:  1″ flat, 1/4″ flat, 3/8″ angle, liner
Cricut die-cut bow & buttons – Close to my Heart collection
Green and red cardstock
Scrap foam
Serrated craft knife
Hot glue gun
Wrapped candy canes, large and mini


1.  Cut away a little curved area from the edge of the 8″ disc (body) to nest against the 6″ disc (head). Cut the 2″ ball in half for hands.


2.  Poke a toothpick into one side of each disc to use as a handle. Poke the other end of pick into the scrap foam when you’re ready to let paint dry between steps.

3.  Paint one 6″ disc green for the base of the centerpiece and paint the other two discs and ball halves light brown.

4.  Using the right brush makes all the difference when you paint his face and details as shown. For the frosting trim in ivory, use the 1/4″ brush.

Gingerbread man face painted on Smoothfoam

5.  Paint his eyes & mouth black with the liner brush. Paint his nose reddish brown with the 1/4″ brush, and use the liner brush again to highlight dots in ivory.

6.  Shade around his eyes, nose and mouth, as well as around the frosting trim with dark brown, using the angled brush. Shade the edges of his hands, too.

7.  Die-cut the bow tie (1-1/2″  x 4-1/2″) and buttons (1-1/4″) from cardstock.

8.  Attach the body to the base with toothpicks and secure with the glue gun. Repeat for the head and hands. Glue the bow and buttons in place as shown.

9.  Glue a large candy cane near each hand, and glue a few more around the edge of the base, alternating with mini candy canes.  Add more loose mini candy canes inside the circle near his hands.


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