Painted Winter Snowball

Smoothfoam Painted Winter Snowball by Carmen Flores Tanis

Being a November baby, I love the cool of the fall and the chill of winter. Bring on the cold weather, I say! With that in mind, I made this fun, painted Smoothfoam ball covered with wishes for snow.


6” Smoothfoam ball
Metallic silver acrylic paint
Elmer’s Painters® Paint pens – fine tip white, blue, black
Blank stencil plastic sheet
Silhouette Vinyl Cutter machine*
Westcott Brand Scissors / Craft Knife / Cutting Mat
Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky Glue
Paint brush / plastic dish
Sanding stick or sandpaper

1.  Use the sanding stick to sand the center seam from the Smoothfoam ball.

2.  Paint the Smoothfoam ball with metallic silver acrylic paint. Apply two more coats, letting dry between coats.

3.  Prepare your artwork using the Silhouette graphics program. Type the words “Let It Snow” and draw several snowflakes in various sizes. Load the blank plastic sheet into the machine and cut the artwork to make a stencil.

* If you don’t have a vinyl cutter machine, draw your artwork directly on the plastic sheet and use a craft knife to cut out your stencil.

4.  Use the stencils with the paint markers to decorate the ball as shown. Smoothfoam Painted Winter Snowball by Carmen Flores Tanis

5.  Glue or pin a bow with a loop to the top of the ball for hanging.


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