Paint a Watermelon Bowl for Summer

smoothfoam painted watermelon bowl

Summer is here and watermelon is in season – ripe, sweet and juicy. So why not take some inspiration from this staple of the picnic season and paint a DIY watermelon bowl for all of those fun summer gatherings! Find numerous craft ideas for summer at Smoothfoam today!

Here’s what you need:

Smoothfoam 8″ half-ball
Craft paints – black, dark green, medium green, red, fuchsia
Spray sealer medium
Serrated knife, emory board, paint brushes

Here’s how I made it:

smoothfoam half-bowl

Slice off a small section from the bottom of the Smoothfoam half-ball, then sand the cut edges smooth.

paint smoothfoam with no prep

Paint the outside with one coat of dark green, the edge with medium green, and the inside with a blend of 6 parts fuchsia to 1 part red. Apply second coats as needed, letting paint dry in between.

paint texture on smoothfoam

Use an older junky paint brush to pounce light green textured stripes to the outside of the bowl and let dry. Paint the watermelon seeds inside in black with a small round brush.

In a well-ventilated area (or outside), spray on several light coats of matte sealer and let dry. Fill your watermelon bowl with cute little summery things to give as a hostess gift at your next backyard barbecue! Keep in mind, this bowl is for decorative use only and should not be used to hold unwrapped food.

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