Make an owl for an autumn wreath


This adorable little owl can sit inside an autumn wreath or a fall bouquet…a perfect addition to your harvest décor!

Owl made with Smoothfoam



1″ Smoothfoam ball
2-½” Smoothfoam egg
Craft paints: brown, gold
Felt scraps: tan, light yellow
Craft foam scrap: tan
Wiggle eyes
6” yellow chenille stem, yellow
Small branch
Craft glue, hot glue
Serrated craft knife
Paintbrush, scissors

1.  Trim off one side of the ball and the large end of the egg. Glue the flat sides of each together to make the head and body of the owl.

2.  Paint the owl brown and let dry. Dry brush the front of the body with tan.

3.  Cut two ovals (wings) and a triangle (face) from the tan felt. Use a dime to trace and cut two small circles from the light yellow felt. Make small cuts around the circles to create fringed rings. Make cuts into the ovals to look more like feathers if desired.

4.  Cut two small triangles from tan craft foam for the beak.

5.  Glue the tan felt triangle to the center of the head. Glue the yellow circles on either side of the point and glue the wiggle eyes to the circles. Glue the wings to the body on each side with the edges against the head. Glue the beak on the point between the eyes.

6.  Cut the chenille stem into two pieces and wrap the pieces around the branch like his feet, spacing them as shown. Hot glue the body to the feet and branch.

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