No-sew Halloween witch ornament


In October there are ghouls and goblins everywhere, with scary movies and store aisles full of body parts and skeletons! However in my world, Halloween is cute and colorful, like this purple and orange no-sew witch ornament. Trick or treat, this Witchy Poo is kind of sweet!

Smoothfoam Halloween witch


1-7/8″ Smoothfoam egg
Kunin craft felt:  9” x 12” Black Glitter, 12” x 18” Purple Spider, 2” scrap Pumpkin
2 purple 12″ chenille stems
½ yard orange 3/8″ wide ribbon
1/3 yard black/white ½” wide polka-dot ribbon
Small orange button, 3 mini die-cut flowers
Craft paints – Ivory, Blush
Fabri-Tac adhesive
4” Westcott scissors
Fine and medium black markers
Measuring tape, ruler, pencil
3” circle template ruler
Wire cutters
Paint brush

1.  For her head, paint the Smoothfoam egg ivory. After it’s dry, draw her eyes and hair with a marker – the wide end of the egg is her chin. Dry-brush a little blush color on her cheeks.

no-sew witch clothes2.  For her hat, cut out a 3” circle and a 4-¾” x 4” rectangle from the spider-embossed felt. Cut ½” circle out from the center of the 3″ circle to make the hat brim. Fold the rectangle in half to 4” x 2-3/8″ then trim it to a tall triangle for the hat crown.

3.  Cut one chenille piece in half and place the end of one half into the center hole of the hat brim. Glue the hat crown in place over the brim hole and pull the stem through the hole in the brim until the top of the hat folds over. Fold and glue the stem to the underside of the brim and trim off excess. Glue flowers and button to the hat as shown.

4.  Cut a 5” x 8” strip from the same felt for her dress. Glue a piece of orange ribbon along one end of the strip. Cut small slits into the opposite side, ¼” down from the edge, spaced ½” apart. Lace the second half of the chenille stem through slits and pull tight to gather the felt into a neckline. Twist the ends of the stem together and make a hanging loop with the excess in the back. Glue her head to top of gathered felt and glue her hat to the top of her head.

5.  Cut a 4″ square of the purple felt for her sleeves. Fold it in half and trim two folded triangles out of it, glue the seams. Fold the second chenille stem in half to make her arms. Bend and twist each end into small loops for hands. Slip a sleeve on to each end of the chenille and glue the arms/sleeves into place behind her head.

6.  For her shoes, cut two 3” x 4” pieces from the black glitter felt. Click here to download a pattern to trace the shoe shape twice – once for the front of the shoe, then reverse it for the back) on to each piece of felt. Trim out and glue the fronts and backs together so you have the glitter sides facing out. Glue them inside the front edge of the dress.

7.  Tie a small bows with the orange ribbon and glue to the bottom of the dress. Tie a larger bow with the polka dot ribbon and glue under her chin. Cut out a pumpkin from the orange felt and glue it to her hand.

This wee witch is ready to hang from a wreath or mantle. I added her to my HALLOWEEN banner across the fireplace. The punch of color is the perfect contrast to the black and white banner. Add a dowel or skewer inside to insert her into a wreath or Halloween centerpiece.


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