National Craft Month: The robot invasion continues!

smoothfoam pink robot


Allow me to introduce Roberta Robotson and her little pocket pup, Pinkie.

I hear from the latest gossip magazines that she just broke up with her husband, Robbie Robotson. So sad…they made such a glamorous couple…maybe they’ll get back together at your house!

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8” Smoothfoam disc
Two 3” Smoothfoam balls
DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paint—Lamp (Ebony) Black, Electric Pink, Neon Sizzling Pink
Adhesive glitter foam sheets:  Silver and black
Foam brush or paintbrush
Pouncer (round sponge brush)
Floral wire—18 gauge
Twelve 3/8” x 12″ wood dowels
Clear adhesive jewels and google eyes
12” length of silver jewelry chain
Craft knife and scissors
Chenille wire stems – Hot Pink, Purple and Lime Green
8” length of silver wired ribbon
Toothpicks and adhesive glue dots
Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue

1.  Cut a 3” deep piece off the bottom of the disc, then cut this piece in half. The top section is her dress, the smaller bottom section is for her shoes.

2.  Paint the Smoothfoam pieces as follows: the shoes—black, the dress and one ball (for the pup)—Neon Pink; the other ball—Electric Pink (for the head); allow to dry.

3.  Dab the pouncer with a little Neon Pink paint, then press it on each side of the head to create rosy cheeks; allow to dry. Add a jewel to each cheek to make her sparkle.

3.  Cut two small triangles for noses from the black glitter foam (one will be for the puppy) and cut narrow strips for her eyelashes and mouth. Refer to photos to adhere glitter foam pieces to the robot and puppy heads. Adhere the google eyes with glue dots.

4.  Curl 6 short pieces of pink chenille wire around a dowel or pencil to form spiral ringlets for her hair. Poke a hole in the top of her head with a toothpick, add glue to one end of a ringlet and press into the hole; repeat for the other ringlets around her head. Attach her head to her dress by inserting a toothpick with a little glue between the pieces.

5.  Cut two 1” pieces of floral wire and adhere one end of each piece on to the sticky side of the silver foam sheet. Adhere a google eye on top of the wire to the sheet. Trim the foam around the eye, then stick the wired eyes into the top of the pup’s head.

6.  For the pup’s legs, curl four short pieces of purple chenille wire, wrap the end of each piece around a toothpick with a little glue and insert the toothpicks into the bottom of the pup ball.

7.  Embellish her dress by adhering two ¼” wide strips cut from silver glitter foam across the base and add adhesive jewels as desired.

8.  Embellish the top of each shoe with adhesive jewels.

9.  For her legs, wrap green and purple chenille wires (alternate each curl) around two dowels. Add some glue to each end of each dowel and press one end into the base of the dress and the opposite end into the top of the shoe.

10.  For her arms, curl two pieces of floral wire around a dowel or pencil, then insert each into her dress neckline and gently curve each spiraled arm forward.

11.  Pull one side of the silver wired ribbon so it’s gathered (pleated) around the wire. Wrap the gathered edge around her neck and twist the ends of the ribbon wire together at the back.

12.  To make the pup’s leash, bend a 2” piece of wire in half. Loop it through one end of the chain, then insert the wire tips into the head of the puppy. Loop the opposite end of the chain over one of her arms.


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