National Craft Month: Robot from outer space!

Allow me to introduce you to Robbie Robotson…he’s a super cute space alien dude who’s fun for kids and grown-ups alike.

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6” Smoothfoam disc
3” Smoothfoam ball
Six 1-½” Smoothfoam balls
DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paints – Black, Yellow, Orange
Self-adhesive glitter foam sheets – silver and black
Decorative brads and google eyes
Paintbrush and toothpicks
Floral wire – 18 gauge
3/8” x 12″ wood dowel
Chenille wire stems – orange and lime green
Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
Plastic serrated foam knife


1.  Use plastic knife to cut a 1” piece off two opposite sides of the disc for his body. Use the two cut pieces for his shoes.

2.  Paint the Smoothfoam pieces as follows:  balls-orange; body-green; shoes-black. Let dry.  TIP:  Place each ball on a skinny stick to use as a handle while painting.

3.  Decorate his body by adhering a 3-¼” x 2” rectangle and two 3”x ½” strips of black glitter foam  as shown. Cut seven strips of silver glitter foam to ¼” x 1-½” to make the vertical bars of each letter in “Hello.” Cut small horizontal strips of silver for the horizontal bars and press the letters into place.

4.  Add two strips of silver glitter foam to his body as shown, then press 3 decorative brads into the foam.

5.  Push a 12-15″ length of wire through the top of the body and then thread 3 small balls on to each side to make his arms. Bend the ends of the wire upwards to form a “U” shape for his hands.

6.  Cut 4 small moon-shaped pieces of black glitter foam, then with edges aligned, adhere 2 pieces together to sandwich his wire hands in between. Fold a silver glitter strip over the wire above each hand to form a wrist cuff.

7.  To create the legs, cut the dowel in half and wrap each section tightly with orange chenille.  Add glue to each end of the dowel and press one end into the base of his body and the other end into the top of each shoe.  TIP:  Make pilot holes first with the point of a pencil.

8.  Embellish his head with google eyes and strips of black glitter foam for his mouth. Add glue to each end of a toothpick and press one end into the bottom of his head and the other end into the top of his body.

9.  Curl a green chenille stem around a pencil into a coil, remove and cut the coil in half.  Insert each piece into the top of his head for antennae.

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