National Craft Month: Ladybug Tic-Tac-Toe game

Ladybug TicTacToe Game


Smoothfoam’s smooth, paintable surface and dense composition make it a great base for this kid’s game with a whimsical twist. Perfect to keep the kids busy in the car – we need more quiet kid’s games, right?

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Five 1-1/2” Smoothfoam balls
One 12” x 12” Smoothfoam sheet
Eight 1/2” black pom poms
Plaid Folk Art Paint – Hauser Green Dark, Engine Red, Grass Green
Velcro 5/8″ Sticky Back Coins
Craft knife and scissors
Four 5-1/4″ lengths of 1/4” wide black & white gingham ribbon
Assorted small black buttons
Black marker
Craft glue
Embossing stylus and paint brush
Coarse sandpaper
Silver jewelry wire and round-nose jewelry pliers


1.  Cut a leaf shape from Smoothfoam sheet with craft knife – approximately 9-1/2” long by 7” at widest point. Lightly sand the cut edges of the leaf until smooth.

2.  Cut five 1-1/2” balls in half. Lightly sand the flat sides until smooth.

3.  Carve leaf veins into the leaf with the embossing stylus.

4.  Paint leaf with green paint; allow to dry.

5.  Paint each half ball (ladybugs) with red paint; allow to dry.

6.  Draw a line across the center of each ladybug with the black marker to divide the body in half. On five of the ladybugs, glue one black button (for the X player) on either side. On the other five, glue two buttons (for the O player) on each side.

7.  Paint the leaf veins with dark green; allow to dry.

8.  Glue the four lengths of ribbon on leaf to make a tic-tac-toe grid; allow 2″ between each ribbon.

9.  Cut ten 1″ lengths of wire, bend each in half and coil each end with pliers to create antennae. Center and glue to the front of each ladybug.  Glue a black pom pom over the bend of antennae for the head; allow glue to dry.

10.  Adhere the loop (soft) side of a Velcro dot to the base of each ladybug. Adhere the hook (rough) side to the center of each tic-tac-toe space.

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