National Craft Month: An itsy bitsy bunny


As far back as the 1600s, the rabbit (specifically, the hare) has been associated with spring and the Easter holiday. In the 1800s, the bunny hopped over to the US and has been busy hiding colorful eggs ever since!

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3-1/4” Smoothfoam egg
Activa Hearty Air-dry Clay – 1 package, white
Decorative brads
12” length of green ribbon
DecoArt Crafter’s Acrylic Paint – Party Pink
Clay roller, knife, craft mat
Straight pin, ruler, plastic cup, Ziplock bag


QuartermainBunnyHow11.  Break off a third of the packaged clay and cut it in half. Roll out one half for the bunny’s body. Break the other half into five even pieces. Keep extra clay wrapped in the package inside a Ziplock bag.

2.  Shape four of the smaller pieces into long ovals for the feet and paws. Shape the last piece into a rough ball for a tail.

3.  Wrap the flat rolled-out piece of clay around the egg smoothly and remove the excess. Dip your finger in water to rub and smooth out the seams.

4.  Refer to the finished photo to insert brads for the eyes, nose, and tummy brads, using a straight pin to make a hole if needed. Make eyelash, mouth and paw marks with the pin.

5.  Attach the paws and feet, using your finger dipped in water to smooth the seams. Add the tail to the back so the bunny stands easily.

6.  Break off another piece of clay for the ears and divide it into two long ovals, flattening them in center. Place a drop of pink paint on your craft mat and then dab a little paint with your wet finger and rub it lightly along the center of both ears. Repeat for the cheeks.

7.  Attach the ears to top of the head, using a wet finger to smooth out the seams. Tie the ribbon into a bow and add it to the top of the head with a brad.

A package of clay will make a couple more bunnies or a batch of eggs that you can color easily with markers or paints.


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