Mistletoe Ornament

smoothfoam mistletoe ornament

Did you know that the custom of kissing under mistletoe comes from England? The original idea was that a berry was to be picked from a sprig of mistletoe before the person could be kissed. So when all the berries had gone, there could be no more kissing!

I have always loved the notion of hanging up mistletoe, but they dry out so fast and then lose their color and charm. So I dreamed up this little beauty and I hope you’ll be inspired to make one for yourself – Merry Christmas!


3″ Smoothfoam ball
Bright gold paint
Small red ornament (with a hole all the way through)
Small gold bell
12″ length of 24 gauge red floral wire
Red button
Assorted holly leaves (silk, velvet, organza, etc.)
Plastic holly berry stems
Needle-nose jewelry pliers
Tacky Glue, glitter glue
Straight pins, paint brush
Tiny silver rhinestones
Sheer red ribbon

1.  Fold the red wire in half and string the bell at the end in the fold.

2.  Pinch the wire ends together and string through the red ornament.

3.  Paint the Smoothfoam ball bright gold and let dry. Pierce a hole all the way through with a skewer. Use the pliers to widen the hole and add some glue inside, then pull the wire out the other side so the tip of the red ornament fits snugly inside the ball.

smoothfoam ball ornament

4.  Poke holes into the bottom of the Smoothfoam ball with the skewer or pliers. Add glue and push in the holly berry stems.

holly berry stems

5.  While the glue sets, arrange your leaves in the desired order. Thread your wire through the red button and glue the button to the top of the ball. When the glue has set, twist the wire and make a loop. Trim off any excess wire.

6.  Starting from the bottom of the ornament, glue on your darkest leaves first and use a pin to hold each in place while they dry.

7.  Continue gluing on more leaves until the ball is covered. When the glue is dry, you can remove the pins and glue rhinestones on the leaves to accent.

mistletoe smoothfoam ornament

8.  Apply lines of glitter glue along the veins of the leaves. Add some glitter glue around the button and let it dry completely before hanging your ornament with the red ribbon.

mistletoe smoothfoam ornament

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