Vintage-Inspired Mirrored Dressing Table Tray

smoothfoam mirrored tray

I have been seeing a lot of elegant mirrored dressing table trays recently and I thought that Smoothfoam would make a perfect base to create a vintage-style DIY mirror tray with a Robin’s Egg Blue modern twist! Place on your dressing table to organize perfumes and jewelry – it’s a lovely gift for that special lady in your life!

Here’s what you will need:

12″ Smoothfoam disc
Four 1-1/4″ Smoothfoam balls
12″ x 24″ perforated aluminum sheet (I used the Mosaic pattern from MD Hobby & Craft)
Metal shears
Protective gloves
Heavy-duty craft glue
Design Master Colortool Spray – Robin’s Egg
12″ round mirror
Dark brown acrylic paint
Wood skewers, rubber bands, needle-nose pliers

smoothfoam disc smoothfoam ballsPut on the protective gloves and carefully cut two 2″ wide strips from the aluminum sheet that will frame your DIY mirror tray. Trim around the pattern for a scalloped top edge, and trim the bottom edge straight.

trim perforated aluminum sheet

Using needle nose pliers, turn over and crimp tightly each of the metal tabs that stick out from the top to ensure there are no sharp edges. Wrap the aluminum strips around the Smoothfoam disc to give the metal a little curl, measure the fit and trim off excess as needed. Try to match the pattern where the ends meet.

make a mirrored tray with smoothfoam

Apply a generous layer of glue around outside edge of the Smoothfoam disc. Wrap the first strip of metal in place, then the second strip. Quickly secure with rubber bands as shown and let dry completely.

spray paint smoothfoam

When the glue is dry, remove the rubber bands and spray paint the tray, along with the 4 Smoothfoam balls. Work outdoors or in a well-ventilated area and use several light coats to get full coverage and avoid drips; let dry completely.  TIP:  Insert skewers into the bottom of each ball (there’s a pilot hole) and poke into a cardboard box lid to keep the balls from rolling around while spraying.

antique finish on smoothfoam

Give the tray and the balls a distressed, antique finish by dipping a wet paper towel in brown paint and rubbing the color into nooks and crannies. Then buff the surface with a clean paper towel.

use smoothfoam balls for tray feet

Remove the skewers from the balls and trim them down to just under 3″ long. Add some glue to one end and poke 2″ of it back into the ball. The four balls will be feet for your tray. Push the opposite end of each skewered ball into the bottom of the tray with a little glue and let dry. Glue the mirror down inside.

antique mirrored tray with smoothfoam


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