Mini Succulent Planter

Smoothfoam succulent planter

My succulents have been thriving!  I love finding new and unique containers  to replant them this one made from a Smoothfoam block!


4″ Smoothfoam cube
Craft knife
Tacky glue
Washi tape
Bark and dirt
Decorative glass

carving out Smoothfoam cube

1.  Using your craft knife, score a square ½” from the edge of the cube. Score more lines using the knife then use your finger to pry up some of the Smoothfoam. Do this until you have created a square-shaped cavity three-quarters of the way down your cube.

2.  Poke a hole through the bottom of the cube for drainage. It’s important to have drainage holes for all succulent planters or they will get root-rot.

3.  Place some tacky glue along the rim and outer walls of your cube and add your washi tape. Press the tape firmly to ensure it is secure.


4.  Add some bits of bark near the bottom hole and fill with dirt and your succulent. Top with the decorative glass and water sparingly. Enjoy your mini succulent planter!


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