Mason jar with pincushion lid

Mason jar with Smoothfoam pin cushion lid


Smoothfoam balls are perfect as pincushions and mason jars are great for storing sewing notions. Make a pair as a Mother’s Day gift!



Wide-mouth mason jar with ring
3” Smoothfoam ball
6″ square piece of fabric
3″ circle piece of felt
Ribbon or fabric strip
Embroidery floss
Craft paints or metal patinas
Straight pins
Hot glue gun
Craft glue
Serrated craft knife

1.  Cut the Smoothfoam ball in half with a serrated knife. Place one half flat on the table and trim down the sides of the ball with the knife until it will slide most of the way through the jar ring. Leave about ¼” of the ball to be on the inside of the ring.

2.  Adhere the fabric square to the ball with craft glue and pin to hold while the glue dries. Glue the felt circle to the bottom.

3.  Paint the mason jar ring with craft paint or metal patina to coordinate with the fabric; allow to dry. Sponge a second color over the top.

4.  Make a bow with ribbon or fabric. Tie the floss through a couple of layered buttons and glue to center of bow, then glue the bow to the mason jar ring with hot glue. A fabric yo-yo makes a cute embellishment too.


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