Mason jar décor – Christmas in July


This mason jar décor is a wonderfully versatile project for any time of year. Just change the contents inside the jar to match any season and display it on top of a wide pillar candle holder. I found a candle holder that came with a matching top for snuffing out a candle, which happened to fit perfectly on top of a large mason jar.

Mason jar filled with glitter ballsI can’t believe it, but Christmas is almost here! I just got over the rush of moving into a new house and now I see stores gearing up for the holidays. This project got me into the holiday mood – I hope it does for you too!


Smoothfoam 1/2″ and 1″ balls (15 each)
Large mason jar
Wide pillar candle holder
Glitter (large, fine, flakes) – red, green, gold, silver
Seed beads to match glitter
Mod Podge
Wire or toothpick
Paint brush
Parchment paper
Smoothfoam block or sheet (any size)
Small bowls
Holiday ribbon
Heavy-duty contact glue


1.  Have fun blending a few different combinations of glitters and seed beads into small bowls for different colorful effects.

2.  Poke a toothpick or piece of wire into a Smoothfoam ball to use as a handle, then coat it smoothly with a generous amount of Mod Podge.

3.  Sprinkle the ball with one of your glitter blends until it’s fully covered. Use a small piece of parchment paper to press glitter into place and smooth out any lumps.

4.  After each ball is glittered, poke it into the Smoothfoam block or sheet to allow to dry overnight.

5.  Fill your mason jar with the balls and tie ribbon bows around the jar’s neck. Glue the jar on top of the pillar candle holder to display.

glitter balls

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