Magic Fairy Wand

smoothfoam fairy wand

You can do almost anything with a magic fairy wand, from granting wishes to proclaiming nap time. This glittery fairy wand is quick and easy to make with your favorite kid. It’s actually a fun “just because” gift for a grown-up who’s young at heart, too.

6″ Smoothfoam star
– Tacky glue
– Glitter
– Washi tape
– Paint marker
– Skewer and ribbons
– Decorative brads

smoothfoam glitter star

Spread a generous coat of glue across the star with your finger, then sprinkle liberally with glitter. I liked having white edges, but you could paint the star first if you prefer. Let dry, then glitter the other side of the star.

smoothfoam washi tape

When the glitter/glue on both sides is dry, line the edge of the star with a continuous strip of washi tape. Start and end the strip at the bottom of the star where you plan to insert the wand handle.

fairy wand ribbons

Color a wood skewer with a paint marker, then tie ribbons tightly around it, near the pointed end. Slowly push the top 1-2″ of the skewer into the center of the star.

smoothfoam star

Dip the prongs of decorative brads into a drop of glue, then press into the star to embellish. Now go make some sparkly magic!

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