Little pilgrims


These wee little pilgrims will take up no extra space at all on your Thanksgiving table.  Poke them on to short skewers to add to a holiday wreath if you like.

Little Pilgrims


Two 1″ Smoothfoam balls
Two 2-1/2” Smoothfoam eggs
DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paints: Slate Grey, Peach, Antique Gold, Milk Chocolate
DecoArt Dimensional Effects Paintable Texture Paste
Peach craft foam
Felt scraps:  gray, white, black
2 black seed beads
4″ length ribbon or trim
Serrated craft knife
Tacky glue
Popsicle stick, pencil
Needle and black thread

1.  Cut a small slice off both ends of each egg and cut a small slice off the side of each ball. Paint the eggs gray and the balls peach and let dry.

2.  Glue each ball to the narrow end of each egg with the two flat sides together to make the head and body.

3.  Trace around the end of the popsicle stick on to the craft foam to make four 1-1/2″ long arms. Paint the top parts of the arms gray to make sleeves and glue them to each body.

4.  For their hair, apply texture paste on top of each ball with the popsicle stick. Let dry and paint the hair brown or gold.

Pilgrim Hat and Bonnet pieces

5.  To make the man’s hat, cut a 2” circle and a 1-¼” circle from black felt. Cut a 1” circle out from the center of the 2” circle. Whipstitch the 1-¼” circle on to the center of the 2” circle and glue the hat to his head. For his collar, glue two small triangles of white felt below his neck and add 2 seed beads for buttons.

6.  To make the woman’s bonnet, cut a 2”x4″ piece of white felt and notch squares out of each side. \Wrap it over the top of her head and secure with glue at the neck. Cut a 1-¼” x1-½” piece for her apron – glue to her body and glue the ribbon or trim around the top of the apron as shown. Glue two small triangles of white felt with the tips cut off for her collar.

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