Irish Greeting Signs for St. Patrick’s Day

 Smoothfoam st patricks day sign

Need a little tabletop decoration to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? These little lightweight blocks add a spot of color and Irish cheer to any space!


6″ x 12″ Smoothfoam sheet
Hot wire cutter
Americana Décor Chalky Finish paints: brown, green cream
1″ die-cut letters:  Pot o’ Gold, Family, Irish, Friends, Blessings
1″ flat paintbrush
Wood skewer, metal ruler, pencil
Cardstock scraps:  brown, cream, green
Paper punched or die-cut hearts, large scalloped circle, large circle
Brown chalk Ink
Tacky glue
Clear rhinestone, green ribbon

1.  Measure and mark the Smoothfoam sheet to cut into blocks for each word. The hot wire tool works best if you cut on the line using the straight edge of the ruler to get a straight cut in the foam.

2.  Paint each block brown and allow to dry. Paint a second coat of green; allow to dry. Finish by dry-brushing very light amounts of cream paint over the green.

paper shamrock topper

3.  To make a shamrock topper, punch or die-cut a brown2-1/4″ scallop circle, one cream 1-3/4″ circle, and four green 1″ hearts. Fold each heart down the middle and apply chalk ink to all edges. Adhere the layers together as shown, forming a shamrock with the hearts. Glue a clear rhinestone in the center of the shamrock, glue a skewer to the back and tie a green ribbon in a bow around the skewer.

4.  Glue words to the blocks as shown. I put “Family” on one side of a block with “Friends” on the other side. Poke the end of the skewered shamrock topper in the top block as shown.

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