Independence Day Party Decoration

4th of july diy centerpiece lisa fulmer

It’s summertime! That means 4th of July is almost here – time for block parties, community parades, and barbecues with family and friends. Smoothfoam cubes make the perfect foundation for crafty, star-spangled party decorations – this project will fit nicely on a small table.

This project is really fun to make with a little paint, a little glitter and whatever imagery you like. I prefer printing on the Craft Attitude film to get nice crisp images that will last longer because the ink is sandwiched between the film and cardstock you glue the film to. The film helps images look great on textured cardstock, too. But as an option, you can print your images directly on to smooth cardstock.

3″ Smoothfoam cube
Three 1″ Smoothfoam balls
Craft paints – red and blue
Paintbrush, painter’s tape, pencil
Wood skewers
Tacky glue, glue stick
Silver glitter
Silver wire, wire cutters
Craft Attitude Inkjet Film
White cardstock
Foam adhesive squares
Self-adhesive silver bling sheet

1.  Wrap a strip of painter’s tape around the center of the Smoothfoam cube and press it firmly in place. Paint the top of the cube red and the bottom of the cube blue. Carefully remove the tape and let the cube dry.

2.  Place each Smoothfoam ball on the tip of a skewer and brush a generous amount of tacky glue smoothly across the whole surface. Quickly sprinkle glitter to coat. Poke the skewered balls into a scrap piece of Smoothfoam to dry.

3.  Print your desired images in reverse on to an 8.5×11 sheet of Craft Attitude film, following the manufacturer’s directions. Click here to download a PDF collage sheet of the vintage images* I used.

4.  It’s easiest to apply the film to an 8.5×11 sheet of cardstock a little bit at a time, keeping the paper backer in tact so you’re not handling the film itself too much. Carefully peel back about an inch of the backer paper to expose a strip of film across the short side of the sheet and press a fold into the backer paper so it’s like a tab. Apply glue stick evenly and smoothly across the top of a sheet of white cardstock. Line up the film (printed side down) and press it down at the top of the cardstock, smoothing out any creases. Apply glue stick to the rest of the cardstock and carefully press the rest of the film sheet into place on top, slowly rolling the backer paper away as you go. Press out any creases and allow to dry for a few minutes.

5.  Trace and cut three 3″ wide stars from the cardstock, cropping out the images as desired. Cut 3 more stars from what’s leftover, or from another piece of cardstock. Apply foam adhesive squares near each point and press two stars together, printed sides out. Set aside.

6.  Once the glitter balls are dry, carefully twist them off the skewers. Paint the skewers red (leave the bottom inch unpainted) and poke them back into the scrap foam to dry.

red white blue smoothfoam block lisa fulmer

7.  Cut 3 lengths of wire and wrap around a pencil to coil. Bend the ends straight – poke one end into each ball with a dot of glue to secure and poke the balls into the center of the painted cube.

8.  Poke the dry skewers into the cube around the balls and slide a star on top of each point. Trim two strips of self-adhesive bling and wrap around the cube to cover the lines dividing the red, white and blue. If the cube feels top-heavy, glue some pennies or large washers to the bottom to weight it more evenly.

Click here to learn how to make a larger version of this project for a matching centerpiece.

* Many vintage postcard images found online are in the public domain and considered copyright-free, however it’s best to be safe and only use them for your own enjoyment, not to resell.

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