Hugs and Kisses Tabletop Decoration

smoothfoam valentines day tabletop centerpieceThis Valentine’s Day centerpiece was so easy and fun to make! Full of sparkle and bling….it’s sure to catch the eye of someone you love!

You will need:

6″ Smoothfoam disc
2″ x 4″ x 4″ Smoothfoam block
4 marbles or large beads
Glitter wrapping paper
Valentine-themed patterned paper, stickers and embellishments
6″ length of straight wire
Glitter glue
Gold leafing pen
Tacky glue
Bangle bracelet
Paper trimmer and scissors


1.  Trace the Smoothfoam disc onto the glitter wrapping paper, cut and glue paper to the top and bottom of disc. Trim out a long 1″ piece to cover the edge. Cut 2 smaller circles and a narrower strip from the patterned paper to layer on top of the glitter paper. Add stickers as desired and fill in any gaps with glitter glue.

2.  Measure and cut more glitter wrapping paper to fit the size of your bracelet. Embellish it with the rhinestones then adhere it with glue to the center of the disc. The bracelet will be a separator between the disc and block.

3.  Flip disc over and glue the marbles in place as feet. Let this set while you work on the block – decorate it like you did the disc, with papers and embellishments as desired.

how to smoothfoam valentine centerpiece

4.  For the sign, embellish two similar stickers with the gold leafing pen, rhinestones and glitter glue. Sand-which the straight wire in between both stickers.


5.  Poke a hole in the center if the cube with your wire. Add some glue to the hole, insert wire to desired height. Add rhinestones around wire. Finish off the centerpiece by touching up the stickers and such with the gold leafing pen.

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