How to paint the look of zinc


I’ve been noticing a lot of faux zinc technique projects popping up on Pinterest and decided to give it a try on Smoothfoam!


faux zinc paint technique


Smoothfoam letters – D R E A M
Smoothfoam sheet – cut to 1-1/2” wide x 15” long
Craft paints – black, silver
Paste wax
Craft knife
Soft cloth
Foam brush
Stipple brush
Hot glue

1.  Smooth the cut edges of the Smoothfoam base sheet with sandpaper as needed.

2.  Paint the base sheet and all the letters black (front and back) and let dry.

3.  Dab small amounts of silver paint randomly over the black letters and base with the stipple brush and let dry.

4.  Gently rub paste wax over all the surfaces with a soft cloth.

5.  Glue each letter to the base.


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