How to marbleize a Smoothfoam ball


This week we visited the Craft & Hobby show in Las Vegas and spent some time in the Magic Marble booth where they were demonstrating how to marbleize a Smoothfoam ball with their patent-pending swirling paints.

Marbleized Smoothfoam balls


The process was fast and easy and the result is breathtaking!

The paints work in regular untreated tap water – just add a few drops of the colors you like and gently swirl them around a bit.

The colors stay on top of the water and transfer right to the object.

Dip it in slowly and hold it underwater for a couple moments while you swipe away the excess paint to clear the surface.

Then pull it out of the water and voila!

Smoothfoam has a great smooth surface for painting…don’t these “marbles” look amazing? They’d look so cool sitting in a bowl on the coffee table or hanging as a mobile.

Check out the quick video I took of their demonstration with a 3-1/4″ diameter ball – now I just want to marbleize everything!



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