How to Make Craft Stamps with Smoothfoam

One of my favorite things to make are background stamps – and with Smoothfoam, the possibilities are endless! It’s a great surface for carving stamps – I carved a different design on to each side of a cube, or you could also carve a sheet or block in any size.

Use your stamps to decorate fabric, cards, furniture, walls – or even make your own wrapping paper!



One 5″ Smoothfoam cube
Wood-burning heat tool with assorted tips
Metal ruler
Paintbrushes, foam brush
Plastic tooth brush
Acrylic paint
100 grit sandpaper (optional for sanding any rough edges)

carve custom stamps on Smoothfoam

For the word “Art,” I used a pen to write the word backwards. Then I carved out the letters with a tapered tip of a heat tool. I also added some texture between the letters.

smoothfoam heat carved stamps

These holes were made by pressing into the Smoothfoam with the ends of a paintbrush, a marker and generic plastic toothbrush.

carve stamps from smoothfoam

I created these overlapping circles by firmly pressing a metal bracelet into the surface.

carve stamps from smoothfoam

These lines were created with the edge of a metal ruler.

carve stamps from smoothfoam

I drew the heart with a pen, then used the heat tool to carve out the shape and add the lines.

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