How to make a flower pot scarecrow

I love the fall. Now there’s not a lot of crispness in the air in SW Florida and the leaves don’t change, so that’s why I like to decorate my home with all of the reminders of fall. This flower pot scarecrow is one of my favorites and can be created in about an hour! Decorate your home with a terra cotta pot scarecrow today!

Smoothfoam flower pot scarecrowSupplies:

2″ Smoothfoam ball
4″ terra cotta flower pot
DecoArt Americana paints:  Buttermilk, Hauser Medium Green,
Georgia Clay, Lamp Black, Graphite, Fawn, Antique Gold, Williamsburg Blue
Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
Small wood bird, mini straw hat
Two 3″ wood pegs
2 black buttons, 1/2″ square fabric scraps
Raffia, kraft crinkle-cut paper shred
Paint brushes – small round and flat
Black marker
Serrated knife

1.  Turn the pot upside down for the scarecrow’s body. To make his shirt, paint the top half of the pot and the two pegs with Buttermilk; let dry. Paint horizontal lines with Antique Gold and vertical lines in Green on top of the Buttermilk on both the pot and pegs to make a checkerboard pattern; let dry.

2.  To make his overalls, paint the bottom half of the pot with Williamsburg Blue, then add two lines for the straps as shown; let dry. Draw a pocket in front with the marker.

3.  For his hands, paint the ends of the pegs with Fawn. Paint the wood bird with Lamp Black, and add the wing and tail details with Graphite, paint the beak Antique Gold, and add an eye with Buttermilk.

smoothfoam balls

4.  For his head, paint the Smoothfoam ball with Buttermilk and let dry. Dry-brush a little Fawn paint over the Buttermilk, then slice off a 1/4″ sliver from the bottom of the ball so it will sit flat on the pot. Paint a triangle with Georgia Clay for his nose and draw in some facial features with black marker as shown.  Highlight his eyes with Buttermilk.

5.  Glue the head to the top of the body and glue the peg arms one to each side. Glue two of the fabric patches, buttons and bird to the front. Glue the third fabric patch to the straw hat. Glue a small handful of crinkle paper to the top of his head, then adhere the hat. Tie some raffia around his neck and wrists.


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