How to make a fabric-covered mirror


Smoothfoam is the perfect lightweight base for a fabric-covered mirror, mirror on the wall…because you’re the fairest of them all!

Fabric covered mirror Smoothfoam


12“ Smoothfoam disc
Craft knife
Fabri-Tac fabric glue
Pillow stuffing
Fabric – 24″ square, plus a 4″x6″ scrap
9” round mirror
Small straight pins
E-6000 adhesive


1.  Trace the 9″ mirror on to center of the 12″ Smoothfoam disc, then carefully carve out the inside of the 9″ circle with a craft knife to create a 1/4″ deep recessed area in the foam.

2.  Glue the Smoothfoam disc to the center of the wrong side of the fabric square with Fabri-Tac.

3.  Cut slits in the fabric all the way around the disc, from the edge of the fabric in toward the edge of the disc, with each slit 2” apart.

4.  To stuff the fabric frame, put a handful of stuffing against disc edge, on top of a strip of fabric, and pull the strip up diagonally over the stuffing – make it snug but not too taut. Glue the end of the strip in to the recessed area of the foam with fabric glue. Repeat this step one strip at a time, until you’ve gone all the way around the disc.

5.  To make a hanging tab to pin the mirror on the wall, gate-fold the fabric scrap into a narrow strip, then fold the strip in half and pin it into the back of the foam, near the top so a couple inches extend above it. Secure the strip with fabric glue.

6.  Press the mirror into the recessed area and secure with E-6000 adhesive.


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