How to Decorate a Hawaii Scrapbook Album

Hawaii Scrapbook Album Collage

My parents went to Hawaii on vacation and asked me to scrapbook the adventure for them. One of the challenges of making a scrapbook for people who don’t scrapbook is that it really has to be a practical, stand-alone piece. I knew this trip was very special to them, so I wanted to make a book that looked amazing sitting on the coffee table, but that was could be handled and viewed regularly. That means the book needed to be lightweight and not very bulky, which is a challenge given that alot of the Hawaii-themed items I had in my stash were heavy (wood) or bulky (flowers, buttons, and such).

Then I spotted this amazing African Mask on the Smoothfoam website. It was perfect for the island theme I was aiming for and was lightweight and easy to paint.


The texture of the painted Smoothfoam gave the effect of stone, an added bonus!!

I first painted a layer of brown acrylic paint on the front of the Smoothfoam African Mask. After allowing that to dry thoroughly, I painted the details of the mask using various colors of acrylic paint with small paint brushes. I used metallic gold paint on the eyebrows, forehead, and chin to add a bit of shimmer and depth to the piece. After allowing to dry, I attached the mask to the front of the album with hot glue.


Smoothfoam African Mask
Acrylic paints: Brown, Gold, Green, Lime Green, White, Yellow, Coral
Paint brushes
Glue gun

For more details on how this book came together, including a video tutorial of the making of the entire cover, please check out my blog at


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