How to cut Smoothfoam

Cutting Smoothfoam is easy when you have the right tools. These are the tools that I use:

How to cut Smoothfoam


– Craft knife
– Utility knife with a break-off blade
– Metal ruler with a cork (non-slip) back
– Glass mat (tempered glass)

I have always used a glass mat when cutting anything with a craft knife because I like the way the point of the knife slides easily along the glass.

A craft knife works well for ½” sheets – make sure it’s sharp. Children can use a safer plastic craft knife – rub wax along the edges to make the cutting easier.

Cut the 1″ thick sheets with a utility knife against a metal ruler. The blade on a utility knife is longer and it can go through the Smoothfoam with one pass, leaving a clean edge, whether I’m cutting straight lines or basic shapes.

If you end up with small burrs (foam particles) on the edge after cutting, gently rub the edge against another piece of Smoothfoam to remove them – it works as a sanding block against itself. This may also be a sign that you need a new blade for your knife.

For Smoothfoam blocks, balls, and other dimensional shapes, a craft hot knife works the best.

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