How to Build a Snowman

Smoothfoam Snowman

How to build a snowman…building a snowman is pretty easy with some time and just a little patience…and a few key ingredients!

snowman parts

2″ Smoothfoam ball
3″ Smoothfoam ball
4″ Smoothfoam ball
DecoArt Snow-Tex texture medium
DecoArt Crystal Craft Twinkles Paint
Acrylic paints – white, orange
Palette knife, paint brush
3″ black felt top hat  (I found this at Jo Ann Fabrics)
Gingham fabric scrap
Grey felt scrap
Small brads and holly embellishment
Craft knife, wood skewers, scissors
Craft glue


Cut away a small section from the bottom of the 4″ Smoothfoam ball so that it sits flat.

Cut a couple of 3″ lengths from a skewer. Stick the skewer into the center of the 2″ and 3″ Smoothfoam balls.

put a stick in itAdd craft glue to the ends of the skewers before sticking the three balls together to form the snowman base. Allow glue to fully dry before continuing to the next step.

Smooth Snow-tex over the snowman with a palette knife. Here’s where the patience comes in…allow a couple of hours for the Snow-tex to completely dry.

Paint the textured snowman white and let dry. For a frosty look…paint a second coat with the glitter paint.

Cut a thin strip of grey felt and glue it around the base of the hat to create a band. Glue the holly on the band to cover the seam. Glue the hat to the top of the snowman’s head.

Cut a strip of gingham fabric and tie it around the neck. Cut small slits into the ends of the fabric for fringe.

Push two small black brads into the head for the eyes.  Push in micro black brads for the mouth.

Cut the pointed end from a bamboo skewer and paint it orange. Push it into the head for the nose.

Here’s a close-up of Mr. Snowman. Isn’t he hjandsome?

Snoman Face

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