Hot Air Balloon Decoration

Smoothfoam Hot Air Balloon decoration

Personalize this hot air balloon with whatever colors, fabrics, papers and trims that you like. It makes a great decoration for a party or for a child’s room.

Two 8” Smoothfoam half-balls
Acrylic paint
3/8” ribbon
Rick-rack, twine
Fabric, scrapbook paper, felt
4 buttons
2 yogurt cups (empty and washed), plastic soda cap
Paintbrush, bamboo skewer
Scissors, glue gun, awl
Die-cutting machine and flower dies

1.  Paint both half-balls. To create a hanger for the top of the balloon, poke a hole in the center of one half-ball with a skewer. Thread the twine ends through the hole, leaving a loop on the outside. Punch a hole in the center of the plastic cap, thread the twine ends through the hole and make a knot. Glue the half balls together.

2.  Cut four 15” lengths of ribbon and glue at right angles from the top center of the balloon to the seam. Glue the rick rack trim around the seam.

3.  Cut the rim and bottom off one yogurt cup to make a ring. Cover it with fabric and glue it to the bottom of sphere, centered.

4.  Die-cut flowers from felt and paper. Tie string through each buttons. Layer the flowers and glue them to the balloon at the seam. Add flowers over the loop at the top.

5.  Cover the second yogurt container with fabric to make the basket. Glue the ends of the ribbons to the inside of the basket or container. Glue bows to the edge of the basket.

6.  Fill the basket with silk flowers or a small stuffed animal.

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