Holly berry door décor


I love to design unique and colorful door décor for the holidays and holly is one of my favorite inspirations. Instead of the traditional wreath, create this cheery, extra-large holly berry door decoration to brighten your holiday season! Learn how to make this DIY Christmas door hanger below.

Smoothfoam holly berry door decor


Three 3″ Smoothfoam balls
Two 12″ Smoothfoam Scrapbook Mount sheets
Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
Americana Paints – Santa Red and Hauser Medium Green
1 skein red yarn
3 yards green ball fringe
Green patterned scrapbook paper
Hot wire foam cutting tool (or serrated craft knfe)
Paint brush
7 wooden skewers
3 pencils
Copy paper
Fine grit sandpaper
6″ length of red ribbon
Gel medium
Straight pins

trace holly leaf pattern

1.   Insert a pencil in the existing hole of each Smoothfoam ball to hold as a handle and paint all three with Santa Red, set aside to dry.

Smoothfoam holly leaves

2.  Draw a holly leaf on copy paper, cut it out and trace it on to each 12″ Smoothfoam sheet. Cut out the leaves with hot wire tool and sand the edges smooth if necessary.  Paint the edges of the leaves with Hauser Medium Green, let dry.

yarn covered Smoothfoam balls

3.  Squeeze a little glue into the hole of one of the balls and poke the end of the yarn inside the hole. Wind the yarn around the ball until the entire surface is covered, securing with a little glue as you go. Repeat with the other two balls.

4.  Trace the holly leaf pattern on to your scrapbook paper, cut it out and adhere it to each Smoothfoam leaf with gel medium, let dry.

5.  Glue the ball fringe all around the edge of the back back of each holly leaf, let dry.

6.  Attach the three balls together with wooden skewers (trim the skewers if necessary). Attach the holly leaves to the berries with skewers, and then fold and glue the ends of red ribbon to the back of the holly berries as a hanger, let dry. Secure the hanger with straight pins.


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