Hedgehog lollipop display


The Smoothfoam hollow balls come in two pieces and several sizes. One half-ball makes a really fun way to display lollipops for party favors. It reminded me of a hedgehog’s body, so I drew a little face for him. Such a cute idea for displaying pens or cake pops too!

Smoothfoam hedgehog lollipop displaySupplies:

8″ Smoothfoam half-ball
Acrylic paints:  Red, White, Black, Brown
Black Sharpie marker
Loew Cornell Black Graphite Transfer Paper
Painter’s tape

1.  Paint the Smoothfoam half-ball with two coats of red; allow to dry between coats.

Transfer hedgehog to Smoothfoam

2.  Click here to download my hedgehog drawing. Print it out, trim it down and tape an edge to the half-ball to hold it in place. Place a small piece of transfer paper between the drawing and the ball, then trace over the hedgehog with a pencil to transfer the image to the Smoothfoam painted surface. Remove the papers.

3.  Mix red and white paint together to create pink and paint the hedgehog’s face.

4.  Paint the inside of his ears, his nose and hair brown. Add the eyes with dots of black.

5.  Measure and mark spots for 12 holes spaced evenly around the top of the half-ball and use the skewer to poke holes through.

Painted holes in Smoothfoam ball

6.  Paint a small pink heart on top of each hole.

7. Once all the paint has dried on the hedgehog face, use a Sharpie marker to outline all the details.

8.  Insert a lollipop into each hole.

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