Hand-carved St. Patrick’s Day decoration


Many moons ago before I was married, I spent a wonderful month traveling throughout Ireland with my friend, Caitlin. We visited castles, cliffs and churches, saw Irish clog dancing, watched artisans blow glass and ate tons of potatoes. Once a sheep tried to jump into our rental car when we stopped to take a picture of the electric green landscape.

And all the time we had the best of luck – from winning one hundred pounds playing bingo to hitting perfect traffic as we rushed to catch the last ferry of the day to Inishmore Island. So in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day, I carved this cheerful decoration from a sheet of Smoothfoam loaded with Irish motifs and a couple of puns. See if you can spot them!

smoothfoam carved st patricks decoration


12″ x 12″ Smoothfoam Scrapbook Mount
12″ x 12″ The Board Dudes cork tile
Sulky Stick’n Carve Printable Transfer Sheet
Folk Art Chalkboard Paint – Black
Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky Glue
DecoColor Paint Pens – opaque white, dark green, light green, yellow, orange
Hot Wire Foam Factory Hot Knife & Mini-Scroll Table & Engraving Tool
Paint brush
Picture hanging hook


1.  Draw the words “Lucky You” on a piece of paper to fit within the 12″ Smoothfoam sheet, allowing a 2″ border. Add a sheep and pot to the drawing. Put a sheet of Sulky Stick’n Carve on top of your drawing and trace the drawing with the permanent marker. Peel the backing release paper and apply the Sulky sheet to the center of the Smoothfoam sheet. Draw diamonds and shamrocks along the border.


2.  Use the Hot Knife tool to poke a pilot hole in the Smoothfoam sheet in each area which will be cut out.


3.  Carefully carve out the design with the Mini-Scroll Table. You will need to unthread and insert the wire into each pilot hole to make each interior cut.

4.  Use the Engraving Tool to add details and texture to the sheet. Peel off the transfer sheet when finished.

5.  Paint the the carving black. Let dry before adding one more coat of paint.


6.  Color in your carving with paint pens as shown.


7.  Color three green squares on the cork tile in the corners so the color peeks out from inside the carved shamrocks.

8.  Glue the carving to the cork tile and glue a picture hanging hook to the back or display on an easel.


2 thoughts on “Hand-carved St. Patrick’s Day decoration

  1. Your sculpture is beautiful, I only wish it had the actual national symbols of Ireland on it. I see several four leaf clovers but no shamrocks. Could we please have some shamrocks…. jane

    • Hi Jane! I’m so happy that you like it! I used four leaf clovers to continue with the “lucky” motif as I did with the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow but next time I’ll squeeze in some shamrocks!

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