Quick and Easy Halloween Window Decorations

halloween smoothfoam decorations

I originally created this Halloween decoration project as a series of characters to hang vertically as a single door decoration, but my crafty young niece, Margo, liked each character so much on its own, that I present them to you this way. She thinks it would be cool to hang one in each window and I agree! I’ll need to make a few more to fill all the windows in the front of my house. 

Two 12″ square  Smoothfoam Scrapbook Mounts
Two 10″ Smoothfoam discs
Acrylic paints – black, fluorescent orange, green, red
Sponge brushes, small round-tip brush
12″ pipe cleaners – black, purple, bright green
1″ googly eyes, 4.5″ googly eyes
Halloween-themed ribbon
Glue, scissors, dull pencil
Knitting needle or screwdriver

Creepy Cat
Paint a disc with 1-2 coats of black. Position the eyes and glue them into place. Below the eyes, paint an upside-down mouth in red; add a small tongue. To make his ears, cut a black pipe cleaner into two 6″ pieces and bend each in half. Spread the bottoms out by one inch and position them along the top of the disc. Poke holes in the disc with the knitting needle and push in the bent pipe cleaners. Poke holes one either side of the nose and push in short lengths of purple pipe cleaners for his whiskers.

Giggly Ghost
You can leave the Smoothfoam unpainted, or paint white if desired. Draw two eyes and a mouth and fill in with black paint.

Petrified Pumpkin
Paint a disc with 1-2 coats of orange. Try fluorescent orange for a little nighttime magic. Draw a Jack-o-Lantern face on the disc and fill in with black paint. Shape a green pipe cleaner into a stem, poke holes at the top of the disc and push in the ends of the pipe cleaner.

Frightened Frank
Paint a square sheet with 1-2 coats of green, position the large google eyes and glue into place. Draw the hair and mouth, then fill in with black paint.

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