Halloween treats – haunting bonbons


Happy Fall! I love this time of year, as you can tell. I wanted to bring you a cute, ghoulish treat to make for your Halloween décor. They do look good enough to eat…but make sure the kids leave them on your display!

Smoothfoam Halloween treat


1″ Smoothfoam balls
Small ball-head straight pins
Craft knife
Pipe cleaners
Googly eyes
Craft glue
Paint brush
Paper candy cups

1.  Cut each ball in half, paint each half with a thin coat of craft glue and sprinkle with different colors of glitter to cover; set aside to dry.

2.  Add a sequin to a pin and poke it into the ball – try different patterns and colors of sequins as shown above.

3.  As an alternative to glitter, glue coiled pipe cleaners around a ball half and accent with sequins or googly eyes.

4. To make your faux candy display more fun, add tags to each bonbon with “haunting flavors” like Wicked Warts, Eye Candy, Glittery Slime or Purple People Eater.


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