Halloween Treat Bowl

smoothfoam halloween treat bowl

You’ve been boo’d!!  Everyone will enjoy this fun treat bowl for Halloween.  Fill with wrapped candy, or mini candy bars or popcorn.

Here’s what you’ll need:

8″ Smoothfoam half-ball 
Smoothfoam baby head
Smoothfoam Letters
DecoArt Americana Neon Paint – Orange, Green and Yellow
DecoArt Americana Patio Paint – Black
Small foam cup
Coat hanger wire
2 wiggle eyes
Green shreds
3 black paper bats
6 yellow acrylic gems
Cool temp glue gun
Large sponge pouncer
Make-up sponge
Candy Corn
Scissors, pliers, skewer

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Smoothfoam is non-toxic. However the bowl should not be used for direct contact with food unless the inside of the bowl is painted and sealed with non-toxic paint and sealer. Only use for wrapped candy. This bowl was filled with popcorn for decorative purposes only.

#Smoothfoam Boo Basket Supplies

1.  Cut the top edge from the foam cup then glue the ring to the base of the bowl to keep it from rolling.

2.  Paint the bowl black, the B and one letter O orange, the second letter O yellow, and the doll head green. Let dry.

TIP:  Smoothfoam surface is very smooth and slick, so I use a large sponge pouncer to paint large pieces, or a make-up sponge to paint smaller pieces for a nice, even finish.

3.  Glue the wiggle eyes and one piece of candy corn (nose) to the doll face, shreds (hair) and 2 pieces of candy corn (horns) to head.

4.  Glue the letters beside each other as shown, add the gems to the bats for eyes, then glue the bats to the letters.

5.  Use a skewer to push 2 holes on either side of the bowl, 1″ from the top.

6.  Curve about 12″ of coat hanger wire to make a handle. Use pliers to bend each end outward at a 45˚ angle, then insert one end into each hole from the inside. Bend the ends upward to secure. Glue the letters to the wire handle.

7.  Fill the bowl with wrapped Halloween candy, then nestle the head in the candy so it pops up between the pieces and remember:

“When you’re out on the thirty-first with a bag of candy that’s ready to burst…
Look over your shoulder and all about, ’cause take it from me, you’d better

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