Halloween spider decoration


It’s almost October and Halloween décor is everywhere in the stores. Some of it’s pretty scary, especially the spiders, but my version of a Halloween spider decoration leans more towards cute and colorful.

Smoothfoam Halloween spider

This explains my fuzzy spider wearing a glittery bow and eyelashes with purple legs…even spiders want to dress up for Halloween!

This cute spider is so quick and easy to make, you can create a whole group of them with different colored legs and bows. Use them for party favors for some of your favorite trick-or-treaters.



3” Smoothfoam ball
Kunin craft felt – black embossed, purple embossed
4 purple chenille stems
Black embroidery floss (1 yard) and needle
Black and purple buttons
Wiggly eyes
Beacon Fabri-Tac adhesive
Measuring tape
8” circle template
Ruler, pencil


1.  Cut an 8” circle and a 2” x 5” strip from the black felt. Cut a 3” by 5” piece from the purple felt.

2.  Make a gathering stitch around the edge of the felt circle with embroidery floss and leave the needle threaded with several inches of floss at each end. Place the Smoothfoam ball in the center of the felt circle and pull the ends of the floss tight to wrap the felt snugly around the ball. Make a couple stitches through the gathered felt to hold it in place – this is the bottom of the spider.

Smoothfoam spider ball how to

3.  Center 4 chenille stems together at the bottom of the spider. Make a few stitches back and forth across the stems to hold in place; tie off the floss and trim away the excess.

4.  Turn the spider over and bend all the legs as shown. Glue the eyes in place.

5.   Place the purple strip of felt on top of the black piece of felt to make the bow. Pinch the felt in the center and tie with some floss. Glue the bow to the spider, then stack and glue three buttons to the center of the bow.



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