Halloween Jack O’ Lantern Decoration

smoothfoam halloween Jack O' Lantern decoration

Hang this happy Jack O’Lantern on your front gate or front door to greet everyone this fall. Tape a small battery-operated tea light inside to warm him up and make him glow!


12″ Smoothfoam half-ball
12” Smoothfoam rod
Acrylic paints: orange, green, tan, light red, gold
Paper bag
Green floral wire
Tacky glue
String for hanging
Craft knife, paintbrush, wire cutters
Emery board, scissors, pencil


Use the end of the Smoothfoam rod to trace circles for the nose and stem on the half ball. Draw the eyes and mouth. Cut out with the craft knife. Leave holes rough if desired, or smooth with an emery board.

Paint the outside of the half ball orange. Mix orange and gold to paint the cut edges of the features. Paint the inside gold.

Cut pieces of the rod for the stem and nose. Tear the paper bag to wrap around the stem and nose. Apply glue to the paper bag and wrap it around the stem twisting and squeezing the paper. Glue it into the hole in the half ball. Repeat for the nose, making the paper longer than the rod and twisting the nose to look like a branch. Dab the stem and nose with tan and light red paints.

Cut leaves from the paper bag and glue wire to the center for stems. Paint the leaves green and bend the stems. Curl some wires on a pencil for tendrils. Arrange the leaves and tendrils and poke into the area around the stem.

Add pumpkin ridge lines from top to bottom, if desired. Pin or glue a string loop hanger to the back.

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