Halloween Ghosts

smoothfoam halloween ghosts

I have purposely let my front yard grow ragged and weedy so I could have some good cover for Halloween decorations. I think these ghosts will work perfectly for Halloween!

To make these ghosts, you will need the following:

12″x12″ Smoothfoam sheet (1 per pair of ghosts)
12″x12″ paper folded in half
Hot craft knife/tool set
Pencil, black marker
Scissors, bamboo skewers
Black acrylic paint, brushes

ghost templates on smoothfoam sheet

On your craft paper, draw two ghost shapes with the pencil, utilizing the entire paper as much as possible. Cut the ghosts out and arrange on the Smoothfoam sheet. Trace ghosts with a black marker.

cut out ghost shapes from smoothfoam

Attach the cutting blade to your hot tool and set to high. Once hot, use this to cut the ghost shapes from the sheet.

chisel smoothfoam edges with hot knife

Use the hot blade to chisel off the edges, front and back of each ghost. Turn off hot tool and let cool.

smoothfoam ghosts

Draw spooky eyes and mouth with your marker. Check to see if the tool is cool, if so, use a dry cloth to remove the blade and attach a tapered tool. Turn on tool to high.

carve smoothfoam with heat tool

Use the hot tool to remove just some the insides of the spooky eyes and mouth, careful not to burn all the way through. Paint those areas with the black paint. When dry, carefully insert the bamboo skewers at the bottom then decorate your front yard or potted plants.


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