Halloween Centerpiece

Smoothfoam Halloween decorHappy fall! The spooks and goblins will be coming out before we know it and it will be party time!

Do you like to craft paint?  I love it.  I will tell you, there is an easy way for beginners to paint these Smoothfoam foam Halloween cutouts. It comes in the form of Krylon spray paints! Be sure to choose the kind that says it’s safe for craft foam on the label. I would recommend spraying your DIY Halloween centerpiece if you don’t enjoy painting by hand with a brush. For me, painting is a form of therapy to bring a project to life with just a little imagination!

Hope you enjoy this beautiful time of year and the changing of the seasons – may your autumn be filled with special moments and many blessings. Happy decorating, enjoy the little moments along the way and live life with a flourish!

You will need:

Smoothfoam sheets (any size)
Two 8″ Smoothfoam discs
Marvy Hotwire Foam Cutter
DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paints:  Persimmon, Georgia Clay, Lamp Black, Snow Titanium White, Traditional Raw Sienna, Avocado Dip, Avocado, Cadmium Yellow, Tangerine, Dark Chocolate
Paper punches:  1″ round, 1/2″ round
Cardstock scraps:  black and white
Paintbrushes:  1″ flat, 1/2″ shader, liner
Wood skewers, toothpicks
Jute Twine
Craft Glue
Hot glue gun
Pencil, fine-point black marker


Download, print and cut out my PDF patterns, if desired:
Owl body
Owl wings and eyes
Ghost, bat and candy corn

To create the foam Halloween cutouts, trace the shapes (or draw your own) with pencil around the patterns on to a Smoothfoam sheet to get as many cuts out of one sheet as possible. Carve away some of the edges from one disc to make it more pumpkin-shaped and save the other disc for the base.

Use skewers or toothpicks as handles to paint each piece, allowing to dry thoroughly between coats. Paint the disc for the base of the centerpiece in Avocado.

Paint colors for the owl:
– Body and wings:  Burnt Sienna
– Stomach, eyes and beak:  Dark Chocolate.
– Talons:  Traditional Raw Sienna
– Shading:  Dark Chocolate

Paint colors for the pumpkin:
– Base:  Persimmon
– Eyes, nose, mouth:  Black
– Highlights:  White
– Stem:  Avocado Dip
– Shading:  Dark Chocolate wash (3 parts water to 1 part paint)

Paint colors for the ghost:
– Base:  White
– Shading:  Grey (blend white with a little black)
– Eyes, Nose, Mouth:  Black
– Highlights:  White

Paint colors for the candy corn:
– Wide end:  Cadmium Yellow
– Middle:  Tangerine
– Tip:  Snow White

Poke a hole on each side of top edge of candy corn piece.  Glue one end of the jute into each hole. Refer to the photo to connect all of the parts using toothpicks and glue. For larger pieces, use a skewer for more stability.

Scatter candy corn around the base. Write “Boo” on the ghost and “Trick-or-Treat” on the candy corn using the black marker. Now you have a festive DIY Halloween centerpiece!

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