Halloween bat mobile


This bat mobile may not be driven by super heroes, but it sure makes a cute Halloween decoration! Learn how to make this hanging foam bat craft below.

Smoothfoam bat mobile



3 Smoothfoam eggs
2-3 black plastic lids (coffee cans)
Black craft paint
6 wiggle eyes
Black craft wire
Clear thread
Toothpicks and scrap foam
Serrated craft knife
Scissors and wire cutters
Craft glue

1.  Paint the eggs black (push a toothpick into the hole on the back of each egg to use as a handle). Poke each egg into the scrap foam to dry.

2.  Cut slits on both sides of each egg (at the seam) with the craft knife for inserting the wings. Cut two smaller slits on the large end of the egg for the ears.

3.  Cut two wings and two ears from each plastic lid. Use the photo as a guide for a pattern.

Smoothfoam Halloween bat decoration

4.  Slide the ends of the ears and wings into each egg to check the fit. Remove, add glue and slide each piece back into each egg.

5.  Glue a pair of wiggle eyes and a few strands of yarn to each bat.

6.  Cut three 1” lengths of craft wire and bend each half to form a “U” shape. Tie a length of clear thread onto the wire loop and press the ends of the wire into the top of each bat.

7.  Hang the bats from a branch at with varied lengths.


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