Grape Garland

Smoothfoam Grape GarlandHang this DIY grape garland on your door to celebrate the harvest. It could also be hung as a swag or used as part of your fall table décor. Learn how to make these fall themed crafts below.


1″ Smoothfoam balls – about 20-30 per bunch
DecoArt Americana acrylic paints – Royal Purple, Napa Red, Kelly Green, Snow White
12″ x 12″ green cardstock
3 yards Panacea Naturally Wired wire
6” wide burlap ribbon – 3 yards
Paintbrush, sponge, sanding block
Hot glue gun
Wire cutters, craft knife

1.  Sand down the seams on the balls and paint them purple. For easier painting, insert bamboo skewer into pilot hole to use as a handle. Put skewers in a large canning jar to dry.

2.  Glue one ball onto the end of a 12” length of wire. Glue the next three balls around the wire above the first. Continue adding rows until the bunch is the desired size. Cut off the sides of balls to fit into spaces if desired.

3.  Add another coat of purple paint to the bunch and let dry, then dry brush it with patches of red. Mix purple with white and dry brush some highlights on each grape.

4.  Cut the sheet of green cardstock into quarters. Fold a quarter in half and tear out a heart shape. Tear away small portions to form a leaf shape. Wrinkle the paper and unfold. Add green paint with sponge or dry brush. Glue a 6” length of wire to the back of the leaf for the stem.

5.  Cut a piece of wire to the desired length for your garland and wire the grapes and leaves along it. Make a loop at the top of the wire for hanging and curl the bottom end. Make a large bow with burlap ribbon and glue the garland to it, pushing the hanging loop to the back of the bow.

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