Giant Crepe Paper Flowers

large crepe paper flowerWe are getting ready for a birthday party by decorating with lots and LOTS of giant crepe paper flowers – all for The Little Princess (aka my granddaughter). I will be making several different styles – here is the first one I made, using a Smoothfoam ball as the center. This large paper flower is 18″ in diameter and very sparkly!  And now I only have about 74 more to go. Learn how to make these DIY flower decorations below.


3″ Smoothfoam ball
Crepe paper
8″ circle of chipboard
Heavy-duty craft glue
8.5×11″ sheet of paper-lined double-sided adhesive
Non-stick scissors
Coffee filters
Gold acrylic paint
Gold spray ink
Gold microfine glitter
Ribbon for hanging
Hot knife, paint brush, chop stick, stapler

how to make large crepe paper flower1.  Remove one side of the paper liner and press the adhesive sheet to the chipboard circle and trim away the excess around the circle. Gently score the second paper liner on top into three concentric circles. Remove just the outer circle first, to expose a ring of sticky chipboard.

2.  Cut ten 6″x10″ pieces of crepe paper for the outer layer of petals and trim out a curved edge as shown above. Gather each petal across the bottom, staple the gathers together to maintain the shape and press down to the sticky side of the chipboard.

make gathered crepe paper flower

3.  Space the first five petals evenly around the circle, then add five more petals in between.

4.  Remove the middle circle to expose the next ring of adhesive for the second layer of petals. Cut a few 5″ wide strips of crepe paper. and gather the bottom edge as you press a strip down to the adhesive. Add a new strip at the end of the first strip until you’ve gone all the way around.

how to make coffee filter fringe

5.  For the flower’s center, trim off the outer rings from 3 coffee filters and cut into the edges with scissors to fringe. Remove the last bit of paper liner, then layer and press the three fringes together in the center of the flower, leaving about a 2.5″ circle of adhesive exposed.

painted smoothfoam ball for flower center

6.  Cut the 3″ Smoothfoam ball in half with the hot knife and paint one half gold. Cover the surface with glitter while the paint is still wet. After it’s dry, shake off the excess glitter and add some craft glue to the back (for extra stability), then press it to the center of the flower.

rolled edges crepe paper

7.  Roll the edges of the petals using a chop stick, shaping as you go. Spritz the whole flower with gold metallic spray ink. Glue a ribbon to the back for hanging your large crepe paper flowers. Find a variety of DIY flower decorations in our blog today!

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