Frosty friends winter décor

This quartet of frosty snowmen is such a cute winter decoration for the table or mantel…they look like they’re just about ready to sing our favorite Christmas carols! Use these same techniques to make an individual snowman for a nice gift or holiday centerpiece – just use a snowflake or other wintery embellishment for the rosette.

Smoothfoam Snowman decoration


Three 2” Smoothfoam balls
Four 2-1/2” Smoothfoam balls
One 3-3/8” Smoothfoam ball
Two 3″ Smoothfoam cubes
Two 2″ x 4″ x 4″ Smoothfoam blocks 
Winter-themed cardstock
Glitter chipboard letters
Pencil with new eraser
Craft paints:  ivory, black, white, dark orange, light blue
Mod Podge Gloss Medium
Clear fine glitter
Wood skewers & toothpicks
Tinsel garland
Tinsel chenille stems
Small feather boa
Hot glue gun
Score board and stylus (or metal ruler and bone folder)
Paper cutter


1.  Poke a skewer into each of the eight Smoothfoam balls and paint ivory; let dry.

painted smoothfoam face


2.  For their faces, paint black dots for the eyes and mouth. Let dry and then highlight with tiny white dots.

3.  Water down the orange paint (3 parts water, 1 part paint) to blush their cheeks.

4.  Shade above their eyes and below their mouths with light blue.

5.  Paint the pointed tips of the skewers orange, let dry, cut off and poke the flat end in to each face for a “carrot” nose.

Smoothfoam snowmen faces

6.  Dip the pencil eraser in blue paint, blot and apply dots down the front of each snowman’s body for buttons.

7.  Brush Mod Podge on each painted head and body head and sprinkle with glitter, shake off excess and let dry.

8.  Cover the four blocks and cubes with cardstock – cut squares and rectangles to fit each top and side. Adhere the cardstock using Mod Podge and let dry.

paper rosette

9.  To make paper rosettes, score a sheet of 12” x 12″ cardstock with straight lines at ½” intervals. Cut the sheet in half across the score lines and cut out 1-1/2” x 12″ strips. Fold each strip accordion-style along the score lines. Glue 2 strips together end-to-end, then glue the opposite ends together to form the rosette circle. Secure the rosette by hot-gluing a 1-1/4” paper circle over the hole on the wrong side. Repeat to make four rosettes.

10.  Glue a rosette to each block and cube, then glue a letter to each rosette to spell NOEL (or SNOW or JOY! )

Smoothfoam snowman assembly

11.  Use toothpicks and hot glue to attach a head to each body, and then each body to a base. Embellish each snowman with tinsel garland, feather boa and chenille stems as shown.


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