Frosted Pinecone Wreath

smoothfoam Frosted Pinecone Wreath

I like making projects that serve more than one purpose, like this pinecone wreath. After I’m done with my fall decorations…I plan on adding red berries and re-making it into a Christmas wreath.

Here’s how to make a frosted pinecone wreath!

You’ll need:

14″ Smoothfoam wreath form
White spray paint
Craft moss
Craft glue, hot glue gun
Ribbon and raffia
Thin wire


paint pinecones with white spray paint


Gather an assortment of various sizes of pinecones. Spray paint one side of the pinecones white.

Glue the moss on the Smoothfoam wreath (leave the outside of the wreath bare).

cover smoothfoam wreath with moss

Hot glue and wire larger pinecones on the wreath first, then fill in the wreath with the smaller pinecones.

Tie a ribbon around the outside of the wreath and add raffia bow.

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