Festive Cupcakes

smoothfoam cupcakes

Happy New Year! Let’s make some festive, glittery cupcakes – they’re a quick party favor or decoration, perfect for any occasion!


Smoothfoam balls (or half-balls)
Clear craft glue
Fine and chunky glitters
Large beads
Decorative head pins
Cupcake tins, paper liners
Mixing cups, foam brushes
Lace trim (optional)


Pour some clear craft glue into a cup with fine glitter and mix well. Paint each Smoothfoam ball with 1-2 coats of this mixture. Let dry in between coats.

Brush more clear glue (without glitter) to each ball, then sprinkle on chunky glitter.

Glue each ball into a cupcake liner or tin, then glue a large bead to the top of the cupcake.

Push a decorative head pin through the bead down into the cupcake. Embellish the base with lace trim if desired.

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