Faux Terra Cotta Planter

smoothfoam terra cotta pot

Fill these southwest-style faux terracotta planters with lightweight silk plants or dried flowers to hang on an indoor wall, or try plastic ferns for decorating your fence in the backyard. Learn how to make this craft flower pot below.


Smoothfoam 12” Half Ball
DecoArt Texture Terra Cotta – Grand Canyon
Cardboard sheet (recycle a large cereal box)
Scrapbook paper
Craft glue, pencil
Rope, twine
Filigree embellishment, beads
Copper stamp pad
Palette knife, scissors, craft knife
Hole punch, round-nose pliers

1.  Cut the half ball in half again with a craft knife, using the inner markings as a guide.

2.  Lay the quarter ball on the cardboard and trace a semi-circle for the back of the basket. Cut out two semi-circles of scrapbook paper to cover the cardboard. Glue the paper to the front and back of the cardboard and punch two holes for hanging the planter through all layers.

3.  Use the palette knife to cover the top edge and front of the planter with Terra Cotta texture medium. Let dry and glue the covered cardboard to the back.

4.  Cut 3 pieces of rope to fit across the planter and glue to front. Dab the rope and filigree with copper stamp pad. Curl the filigree petals with the round-nose pliers. Use twine to string a large flat bead, tie around the filigree and knot. Add beads to the twine and knot. Glue assembly to rope.


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