Faux Cupcakes for Your True Love

Smoothfoam Cujpcakes

The best kind of cupcakes for your diet are the Smoothfoam kind. These cupcake crafts have no calories and will last forever – perfect for Valentine’s Day and your New Year’s resolutions! Learn how to make faux cupcakes below.

3″ Smoothfoam balls
Craft paints, brush
Toothpicks, floral pins
Cupcake liners
Assorted paper flowers, ribbons
Self-adhesive pearls, rhinestones

Smoothfoam Cupcakes in Progress

I started by painting my Smoothfoam balls pink. I like to use toothpicks to help with this step – sticking three picks in each ball (like the legs of a stool) gives you something to hold on to while painting AND lets the ball stand up to dry.

After the paint dries, remove the toothpicks and glue a cupcake liner to the bottom of each ball. Decorate with paper flowers, ribbons, pearls and rhinestones. I like to use small floral pins to hold the ribbons on my projects so that I can change them out for different occasions or seasons.

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