Faux copper bowl


I love making things that give the appearance of something entirely different from what it actually is. In this case, it’s a very large bowl that appears to be made of copper, but is actually a couple of Smoothfoam half-balls.

This bowl is very sturdy and would be gorgeous with fruit or a beautiful plant. To convert it for plant use, just make several 1/4″ to 1/2″ holes in the bottom (a pencil works great), add a coffee filter and a layer of pebbles, then fill with potting soil. Place a small plate underneath to catch any water.

Smoothfoam faux copper bowl

Here’s how easy this is to make:


8″ Smoothfoam half-ball
12″ Smoothfoam half-ball
Small bowl, approximately 6″ in diameter
Sophisticated Finishes Copper Paint
Adirondack Color Wash – Espresso 
Tim Holtz Die – Elegant Flourishes
Sizzix Big Shot die cutting machine
Hold the Foam Glue
Viva Décor Inka-Gold paint – Mint Green
1/2″ wide braided cord trim
Foam cutter (hot knife), scissors
Paint brush, marker
Corsage pins

Smoothfoam dome1.  Place a small bowl on the top of the 8″ Smoothfoam half-ball and draw around the lip of the bowl with a marker. Remove the bowl and use the line as a guide to cut off the top of the half-ball – this is now the base.

Smoothfoam dome cutting

2.  Glue the 12″ Smoothfoam half-ball on top, making sure it is level. Insert a few corsage pins to hold it in place while the glue dries.

Smoothfoam dome flourish 3.  Die cut several flourishes from chipboard and glue them all around the top edge of the bowl, using pins to hold the chipboard in place as needed.

4.  Glue a length of braided cord between the half-balls to cover the joint.

5.  After all the glue is dry, paint the bowl and base with copper paint. Apply a second and third coat if necessary. Allow to dry.

spritz Smoothfoam

6.  Spray the bowl with color wash and then wipe off the excess with a paper towel using a circular motion.

7.  Dab some Inka-Gold paint to the top of the flourishes with your finger.


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