Faux canvas wall plaque with free downloadable


This lovely wall plaque with the look of canvas was one of our Make & Take projects that we shared in our booth at the 2014 Craft & Hobby Association Mega Show.  I designed this image with a photo I took at the beach and some inspiring words. You can download my image or create your own!

Smoothfoam Faux Canvas Wall Art

You will need:

Smoothfoam scrapbook mount sheet, cut to 7-1/2” x 10”
Craft Attitude Inkjet Printable Film
Elmer’s Extra-Strength Glue Stick
Dimensional glue dots
Helmet starfish
½” wide burlap ribbon
Sequin pins
“Cherish” beach image* – click here to download
Computer and inkjet printer

1.  Print out your image in reverse to fill an 8-1/2″ X 11″ Sheet of Craft Attitude film, following the package directions. Our free downloadable image above is already in reverse.

2.  Cover the entire surface of the Smoothfoam sheet with a smooth layer of glue stick. Little “bumps” of glue need to be smoothed out or they will show.

3.  Lay the sheet of film on the counter, printed side facing up. Flip the Smoothfoam sheet over, glue side down, center it in position and press it gently on top of the film.

4.  Flip the plaque back over and gently rub and press the film (keep liner in place) against the Smoothfoam, smoothing out any creases.

5.  With your fingernail or a straight pin, carefully peel back one corner of the top liner of the film, then slowly peel the liner all the way off.

6.  Gently smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles in the film. It will not smear because the ink side of the film is against the glue side of the foam.

7.  Spread glue around the outside edges of the Smoothfoam, then fold and press the excess film over on to the edges. Snip off the overlapping corners of film.

8.  Adhere the starfish on top of the plaque with a few glue dots. Use small sequin pins to attach burlap ribbon around the edge as a frame.

*  ©Julie McGuffee – you have permission to download this “Cherish” beach image for your own personal use only, not for resale. 

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