Faux Cactus

Smoothfoam cactus craft


Smoothfoam egg
Sandpaper or emery board
DecoArt Americana Paint – Foliage Green
Foam brush
Sewing Nnedle
Westcott Titanium Bonded Non-Stick Scissors
Thin white wire
Needle-nose pliers
Beacon 527 Multi-Use Glue
Small clay pot, sand


1.  Sand off the center seam on the egg to smooth out the surface.

2.  Use a foam brush to “pounce” green paint onto egg to get a more textured look, rather than a smooth brushed finish. Let dry. 

3.  To create pilot holes for the cactus needles, use a medium sewing needle to make a hole in the center of the wide end of the egg. Continue making holes down the sides of the egg, about 1/4” apart as shown, for just the top 2/3 of the egg.  

4.  Cut several pieces of white wire to approximately 1/4″ lengths. Pick up each piece with the pliers and dip one end into a drop of glue, then insert into a pilot hole. Press 1-2 more wire pieces into the same hole, spreading them apart slightly to resemble spines on cactus.

5.  Add some sand to the bottom of the pot, place the cactus in the center and add more sand to cover the bottom 1/3 of the egg. 

Enjoy your new little prickly pal! 

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